"@freshnewengland: You can't make everyone happy. You're not a jar of Nutella. http://t.co/6uRaXZZJ9S"5 hours 40 sec ago
Don't try this folks! "@thedailymeal: A woman told restaurant staff that Jesus would settle the tab for her. http://t.co/0YJm3xrc2g"15 hours 17 min ago
"@HuffPostTaste: To the person who keeps bringing Munchkins to the bake sale: BAKE IT, DON'T FAKE IT. http://t.co/jy7WvYRUiZ"15 hours 28 min ago
RT @HuffPostTaste: Crazy mac and cheese creations: Too far, or just far enough? http://t.co/OdQjDpzjOJ http://t.co/311f89uNVe1 day 2 hours ago