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Lunch & Dinner

Lunch & Dinner

Made from scratch, seasonal menu- dine in or takeout
Tues-Saturday 11-8pm
(check out our Sunday breakfast/lunch menu!)

Small Plates

Almond goat cheese & apple chutney greens, flatbreads, maple-balsamic drizzle ~ 9

Cauliflower tacos caramelized onions, edamame hummus, sweet potato~ 9

Butternut squash flatbread bechamel, caramelized onions, grana padano, feta ~ 10

Shrimp skillet mediterranean ragout, marinara, crostini ~ 10 

Bruschetta flatbread mediterranean ragout, mozzarella, arugula, balsamic reduction ~10

Chipotle spinach dip with assorted crostini/crackers/breads ~8

Meatball skillet lemon pesto, marinara, parmesan ~ 10

Crab cakes lemon aioli, napa slaw ~ 11

Fish Tacos chipotle-cotija cheese, napa slaw, arugula, corn tortilla ~ 10

Artisan cheese board Blythedale brie, Jasper Hill bleu, Grafton 2yr cheddar, house pickles, flatbreads ~ 12


Turkey & cranberry greens, brown rice, kale, sweet potato, cranberry vinaigrette ~ 15

Mr. Green Jeans roasted chicken, greens, bleu cheese, candied pecans, smoked bacon, champagne vinaigrette ~ 14

Steak Cobb salad* grilled sirloin, mixed greens, bleu cheese, garden veggies, egg, parmesan dressing ~ 16

Warm goat cheese beets, greens, apple chutney, almonds, maple-balsamic dressing ~ 14

Simple salad greens, garden veggies, scratch dressing ~ 6/8

Caesar* romaine leaf & hearts, egg, croutes, classic lemon-parmesan dressing ~ 8/10

                                                     salad additions:

(6) shrimp ~8  grilled/blackened chicken ~6   chicken salad ~6   

spiced tofu ~4   8oz sirloin steak ~12   salmon ~9   crab cakes ~8



with seasonal crackers ~ 7

Vegetarian chili      

Lemon chicken & rice     

Cream of curried butternut squash



Reuben corned beef, gruyere, bacon-beer-kraut, kremlin dressing, rye, roasted potatoes ~ 13

Grilled Vermont Cheddar Grafton 2yr cheddar, apple chutney, kale, sourdough, cob smoked bacon, pesto pasta ~ 11

Brisket slow braised, cranberry glaze, lemon aioli, pickled jalapenos, garlic roll, roasted potatoes ~ 14

Tequila chicken agave-lime chicken, cotija cheese sauce, guac, lettuce, tomato, pickles, garlic roll, roasted potatoes ~ 13

The Club roasted turkey, cranberry sauce, smoked bacon, mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato, multi-grain, pesto pasta ~ 12



Chose soup or salad

Chicken salad grapes, walnuts, red onion ~ 11

Tuna salad lemon, dill, house pickles, tomato, spinach ~ 11

Roast beef napa slaw, horseradish, citrus zest, lemon aioli ~ 12

Hummus edamame sweet potatoes, beets, carrots, spinach ~ 10

Chicken caesar* romaine, parmesan, egg, creamy lemon caesar dressing ~ 11



Served with roasted potatoes, lettuce, tomato, pickles

8oz Black Forest Burger 1st addition is free--the rest +$1 each

Vermont cheddar, aged cheddar, gruyere, bleu, brie, smokehouse bacon ~ 13

Cardiac burger beer-cheddar cream cheese, smoked bacon ~ 14

The Hippy white bean & lentil veggie burger, guac, dairy free cheese, vegan bun ~ 12

Mexicalli cotija cheese sauce, pickled jalapenos ~ 13

'Shroom melt sauteed mushrooms, gruyere cheese ~ 13


Lunch Bowls

Tuscan pasta sundried tomatoes, spinach, garlic, zucchini, onion, grana padano ~ 13

Buddha bowl cauliflower, rice kale, edamame, squash, tomatoes, tahini drizzle, shrimp, chicken or tofu ~ 15

Mediterranean rice bowl brown basmati rice, shrimp or chicken, veggie ragout, marinara ~ 14

Bolognese five hour, slow & low four meat sauce, fresh organic pasta ~ 14

Autumn harvest pasta butterrnut squash, kale, goat cheese cream sauce, walnuts, mushrooms ~ 13

Shrimp ragout seared shrimp, tomato-vegetable ragout, penne ~ 14

Lemon pesto chicken grilled chicken, lemon basil pesto cream, penne ~ 13


Big Plates

Maple-dijon salmon dredged & seared, almonds, brown basmati rice, winter vegetable slaw, arugula, maple-dijon glaze ~ 19

Autumn Harvest Pasta butternut squash, kale, goat cheese cream sauce, walnuts, mushrooms ~ 16

Shaker cranberry brisket slow braised, cranberry sauce, seasonal potato & vegetable ~ 20

Crab cakes napa slaw, roasted potatoes, lemon aioli ~ 17

Bolognese five hour, slow & low four meat sauce, fresh organic pasta ~ 17

Apple chutney chicken dredged & seared, chutney, Maple Brook Farm feta, seasonal potato & vegetable ~ 18

Seafood crepes shrimp, scallops, salmon, orange-basil cream cheese, seafood veloute, arugula salad ~ 16

Chicken pot pie smoked bacon, mushrooms, garden vegetables, scratch crust ~ 16

Mediterranean rice bowl basmati brown rice, shrimp or chicken, veggie ragout, marinara ~ 18

Buddha bowl cauliflower, basmati brown rice, kale, edamame, squash, tomatoes, tahini drizzle, shrimp, chicken or tofu ~ 19

Upper choice sirloin*

   12oz ~ 22

   16oz ~ 28

Herbed compound butter, seasonal potato & vegetable

         add: shrimp ~8   salmon ~ 9   crab cakes ~ 8

*consuming raw or under cooked meats or eggs may increase the risk of food born illness.


For the littles...

8 each ~ Includes beverage, veggies & dip, grapes or goldfish

Chicken quesadilla cheddar cheese, white tortilla, house mild salsa

Grilled cheese cheddar, sourdough white

Cheese pizza scratch crust, tomato sauce, mozzarella

Pasta marinara parmesan and/or butter

Hamburger/cheeseburger scratch made bun

Lunch & Dinner Tues-Saturday 11-8pm